Shut The Fear Up!®️

Are You Ready To Think & Grow Rich

May 11, 2022 John Cochran, Marie Cochran Season 1 Episode 20
Shut The Fear Up!®️
Are You Ready To Think & Grow Rich
Show Notes Chapter Markers

The book Think and Grow Rich is a life changer 

Minute Markers 
1:20 How to contact us and Intro 
1:57 Motherhood
4:00 Relationships
7:00 Conflicts
9:55 Desire
12:30 Think and Grow rich
17: 20 Repeating your goals
18:00 Intentions
21:05 Why I want a million dollars
24:30 Temptation
25:13 Faith
26:19 Thoughts
27:50 Never would have made it without God
30:22 Rachel Broadwell
31:11 Ending

This book will teach you how important your ideas are the limitless potential you have when they're supported by definiteness of purpose, persistence, and a burning desire for their translation into reality! Dive into this book with your hosts John and Marie Cochran of Team Cochran Group.

Special shout out to our sponsor Rachel Broadwell our preferred mortgage loan originator on the Shut the Fear Up Podcast! 

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Mother's day!
Doing the Intro again
God's word